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In this section discuss in English only, please. (Zde diskutujte prosím pouze anglicky)
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Příspěvekod S.+R. » 03 bře 2018, 11:49

"The practical one Use of the Runes - Magic with the ancient Druidic temple priests can be based on ancient knowledge of the Return Quabbalah. Unfortunately, there are very few people today who own the Runenquabbalah Understand ancient druids and about are also able to use practically. The practical Runenquabbalah has been completely lost over time"

Anion returned the old quality to rune magic, but remember that it is very dangerous. Before practicing this time-honored magic, some instructions and prerequisites must be met. Otherwise, it is better to stay away from it, because the consequences are more than devastating. Consider every great power has two poles and every rune has a counter-rune! Here is a rune in the hermetic light described by Anion.
Please note that mistakes in my translation into English are possible. (S.+R.)

The W - Rune

The true meaning of the W - rune has been lost in the distant past. There it was called "wyno" and means bliss, etc. All of today's descriptions are wrong or heavily falsified. Compared to this, the "stepping on the mountain" run by Peryt Shou. That's why I decided to describe their practice to a few select people!
This rune has two elements. On the one hand, it belongs in the water element, on the other hand in the air element.
When properly done, we achieve a feeling of happiness that does not seem material but rather astral.
The vibrations we feel through the hands and the head make us more loving on the whole. If negative, then we should immediately think of the "W" and thus of the responsibility we take on when we practice these runes. First, we put the W rune facing east. Now we close our eyes and imagine a bright green. That's where we talk or sing W-W-W!
In the palms, it starts to tingle or sting. Although we also feel a kind of current in the head, but it is manifold, so I will not describe it.
We slowly fill with cosmic love that extends to nature, animals and plants, but especially to other people. The worst enemy could stand before us, we would love him.
The W rune is the pardon of all other people's mistakes. Once mastered, one will live the rune, otherwise we could expect strong karmic setbacks. The W rune must neutralize all hatred in us, that's their true meaning! Should a dispute arise, it is a duty to visualize this rune.
The exercises are limited to twenty-one times a year. It is done only during the day. Runic magic, as I describe it, is Quabbalah and must be taken just as seriously. But those who are ready to shed all hatred, to be well-disposed to every man, need not be afraid. But think well, if you have grown this rune!
Over time, the Rune, if properly lived, will bring with it some healing and so on. If you feel the vibrations strongly in your hands, put them on the diseased organ, and imagine that the green light goes into patients' bodies. During the treatment, which is performed only during the day, you hum quietly the "W". The treatment should be performed a maximum of seven times.
I hope to have cleared up some misunderstandings and at the same time not wrongly warn people against the use of runes. Because you take great responsibility, as I wanted to clarify in this document again!

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