Electromagnetic fluid and volting

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trochu se tu rozkoukávám
trochu se tu rozkoukávám
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Electromagnetic fluid and volting

Příspěvekod axismundi000 » 18 čer 2016, 17:04

I started something about this on Studio Arcarnis

I do electromagnetic volting no more then once or twice a year because it propagates from Akasha and Bardon points out that volts can produce an interference in Akasha. So I am very careful with this kind of work.

I have found that the magnetic fluid is the difficult one for me and in the past I had to work very hard to avoid falling into a dreamy fugue. This problem caused me to go back over the elemental work and soul mirrors fully before returning to the electromagnetic fluids. This I feel shows the importance of continued work to keep equilibrium which Bardon emphasises throughout the instructions.

Has anyone else experienced any initial drawbacks when working with the electric and magnetic fluids?

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